Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Pics of the Trucks

They dig, dig, dig…. dig, dig, dig,!

Yes, those Disney construction guys have been digging their way into the hot Disney dirt in Florida for quite some time, but now the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train looks like it is getting closer and closer to completion!

Don’t board the planes yet though!  It’s going to be a good while before the soft opening of this family rollar coaster ride next Spring!

The ride will be a slightly more tame version of Thunder Mountain, but the gorgeous themeing of the 1854 Grimm Brothers Snow White story will add a huge upgrade in terms of ‘Magic’ for guests that patiently wait in the huge lines!

The Magic Kingdom will truly take a beating for quite some months as the Disney faithful desperately seek thrills from anything new in Walt Disney World.
Expect to see a lot of ‘non kid’ guests too as the gentle rides often do.


The downside of those huge attendance can only mean one thing!
Disney have already lifted park prices across the board  much in line with Universal Studios, but the Magic Kingdom received some very special attention in June as the park was singled out for a larger increase.

Critics have moaned, but many have latched on to the fact that Disney need to find a way to ‘manage’ the gate figures in order to keep the crowds under control!
The way to do that is to make it a costlier affair!

Much talk has been spread about Disney adopting an ‘airline ticket pricing system’.  In other words, buy them for Easter, they will be say $120 a day, buy them in September, they will be $75 a day.
Very tricky to do under their current ticketing model that allows guests to buy a pass any time of the year and keep it open indefinitely until its first use!

One thing for sure, they will find a way!

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