ET Going Home (At Last!)

As we were sifting through our favourite blogs, one of our ‘pet rumours’ popped out of the monitor at us this morning!

The ET Ride was rumoured to be replaced by a Smurf attraction!

Despite being a cult attraction, mainly due to the quirky ‘rider name’ being called out by ET at the end of the ride, the attraction lacks much connection to current media broadcasts.  This of course means that merchandise and revenues could be higher if a contemporary theme was adopted.

So, looking at the WDWinfo site, can we believe the story without any backup?
Well, our money is most definitely on ET going for a very long last bike ride real soon.

Let’s hope that Universal come up with something a little more imaginative than a very dull remodel of the existing ride system with Papa Smurf saying ‘goodbye name‘ at the end!

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