UK’s 14 Day Ticket Deal or No Deal

UK guests are looked after by Disney thanks to a special 14 day ticket that is exclusive to British travellers.
Why do the Brits get the 14 day ticket?
Simply because of the distance, Brits tend to average longer stays in Orlando than most other overseas visitors.

With 14 day tickets going for around £255 (£235 Kids), the Disney UK team are working all out to encourage travellers to book in the midst of the gloomiest exchange rates right now for many years.

Yet a 10 Day ticket bought in the USA costs $339 ($320 Kids)
at a 1.5 tourist rate that roughy equates to £226 (£213 Kids)

While guests can buy the 14 day ticket in the UK, it is a whopping £20-£30 dearer than buying at the gate in the USA!!!

14 Day Disney Tickets Just aren’t as valuable as you first think!

It is human nature to get as much as you can for your money, but common sense has to step in from time to time!

The 14 day ticket deal just isn’t cheaper, and nor is it practical to visit a Disney park 14 days in a row for the whole two week vacation!
Days by the pool, shopping  visiting the other amazing Orlando parks all needs to be considered!

Add to that, the simple fact that the rumoured average usage of the Brit’s cherished 14 day ticket is only 6 days, you get to realise that this really isn’t a good option at all!

Our final word on the dreaded 14 Day UK Disney Tickets!

At the moment, even with appallingly low exchange rates, it is way cheaper to buy a more realistic 7 or 10 day ticket (both remain active for 14 days from the first day you enter the parks!)

Don’t just take our word for it, get your calculators out and crunch the easy numbers!  The 14 day ticket sucks you in to spend more money than you possible need to!

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