Best Golf Orlando Golf Courses

Orlando is absolutely blessed with some amazing golf courses and it is no surprise at all when you consider that Florida is the USA’s ‘golf capital’.  With over 1250 courses, the state owes its golfing popularity to year round conditions and a climate that lends itself to lush greens and fairways.

We thought we’d set out to offer our pick of the best in and around Orlando, but to be fair, it is harder to find a bad course than it is to find a great one in the rest of the world!
Running a course in Florida requires a lot of skill and of course money to keep the grass irrigated and those greens carpet smooth.  If your standards aren’t up to scratch, you are out of business, simple as that!

With a whole host of tournament courses the standards are world class, and almost all can be played by visitors.

To find the best, we looked at a whole bunch of criteria, ranging from interest, difficulty, beauty, tee conditions, fairways, hazards, and of course, those legendary greens.

In no particular order, here’s our top golf course list for you to put to the test next vacation:

  • Eagle Creek Golf Club
  • Grand Cypress Golf Club
  • Falcon’s Fire Golf Course
  • Disney’s Palm Course
  • Celebration Golf Club
  • Championsgate Golf Club
  • Harmony Golf Preserve
  • Shingle Creek
  • Southern Dunes
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Reunion Resort (3 courses: Palmer/Watson/Nicklaus)
  • Disney’s Magnolia Course
  • Disney’s Osprey Ridge Course
  • Orange Lake Reserve
  • Mystic Dunes
  • MetroWest Golf Club
  • Grand Pines Golf Club
  • Bay Hill Club & Lodge
  • Ritz Carlton Orlando

Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Land is delayed!

The official  Disney Parks Blog today announced the open date for the new Festival of the Lion King theater to open in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2014.
This is indeed good news!

At long last, the hopelessly spare land that we had to trudge through (Camp Minnie Mickey), will be levelled for a new project.

Avatar Land is coming to Disney World and it needs a space!
Right now there’s a bunch of trees, toilets, mediocre food kiosks, the amazing Guitar Dan and the Festival of the Lion King theater in the spot that will some day (not so soon) be occupied by Blue People of a long nasal nature!

The Disney announcement has slipped back, form a 2013 opening to a 2014 debut for Simba’s new home over near the Tusker House in Africa.
While the new location is nicer from a geographical point of view, it will make for a much busier intersection at the junction that links Africa to Asia and Discovery Island.
What a big mistake that will turn out to be!

Thankfully, we will have to wait until 2014 to find out!

In the meantime, assuming that the Lion King will only close for a few weeks while the Cast train in their new environment, (Lions , Hogs and Meerkats are very territorial), we can all assume that the Camp Minnie Mickey soil will remain untouched for longer than expected.

As Donald Duck would say; “Aw Phooey”

So, there we have it.  Animal Kingdom slows down a little.
Possible reasons?
Who knows, but Disney might be keeping a very close eye on the fortunes of another animal based theme park just a few miles up the I-4.

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2 Friends, 1 Day, 47 WDW Rides!

Could you do all 47 WDW Rides in a day?

Fuelled by little more than a boyhood dream, two online acquaintances that had never met before  vowed to visit Walt Disney World some day and ride all of the rides, all in the same day!

Planned to the very last ounce of detail, the amazing feat was in fact almost completed on June 16th 2013.
If you are thinking: “Big Deal, it’s easy” then honestly, please think again!

The odds for the mission are stacked against you when you study these simple facts!

  • 16 Hours of Park Time available
  • 47 Rides
  • No Special Privileges
  • No Special Transport between parks
  • 47 rides in 16 hours = 20 minutes per ride
  • That 20 minutes has to see you through: wait time, ride time and park transit!

Worst of all, the chances of catching all of the 47 rides up and running in one single day is a big gamble!  Maintenance shutdowns, unexpected breakages or a storm will put your entire day off course, putting months of preparation into ruins!

Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo, were friends from afar, meeting as online friends on a Disney message board.  Their friendship grew until the day they met just before their epic adventure in June!  They hadn’t even talked on the phone!
Their story of their 18 year online friendship is as intriguing as the crazy ride marathon itself!

They nearly made it.  45 out of 47.  With time to spare the last two rides killed their dream, but you’d be better off reading their story for  yourself at

Whatever this video adventure does for you, we are confident that you probably agree that good planning can achieve a lot when you visit Walt Disney World!

3rd House announced for HHN23

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV show returns to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in 2013.
Now that is a surprise!

Either Universal are really really stupid, or they’ve taken note of all of the negative feedback and are planning a house to blow our minds!
My money is on the latter!  With series 4 due to premiere in October 2013 it would be silly to boil up another load of negative fuss over a very weak Scare House!

If you are familiar with the Zombie story set in Atlanta Georgia, the scare house will be set in the Prison featured in the series.  Now that is starting to sound a little more promising!
Prison bars separating guest from beast?
Prison bars penning guest and beast together?

All in all, I’m hoping that Universal do well this time, as the current responses on the official HHN23 Facebook page don’t look to confident!

Hollywood Studios set to double in size?

I’ve always had to summon a lot of courage each time the wife tells me we’re off to Hollywood Studios.

I don’t mind it, I don’t love it.

Sure, the Tower of Terror and the Rockin Roller Coaster is fantastic but after half a dozen times, do I really want to watch Indiana again?
The show remains unchanged since its launch in 1989.  Can you imagine how many times I’ve had to watch that?
Dare I even mention my favorite Lights Motors Action to her?  No, of course not!
It completely does her crazy!

Star Tours did well in our family after the revamp, but hey, I’m just about done with that.
Taking HS seriously as a big theme park is getting harder and harder.
Surprisingly, that complaint doesn’t surface for the other three Disney Parks.
Animal Kingdom is the closest, but the sweet charm, constantly changing Safari and beautiful landscaping always make it a pleasure.

Reading some new rumours about a huge parking lot change at Hollywood Studios is getting my interest though!  Could it really be that as long last the park will finally grow up?
The rumoured project is huge, very costly and obviously there for a BIG reason!

If it comes off, I will definitely be renewing my annual pass!
(Ha as if I ever wouldn’t!)

Rip Ride Rockit Hidden tracks

OK so every now and then there’s a nice revelation about a hidden feature of an attraction, but this one really makes me mad!

After riding this thing for years, I find out from the Orlando Informer site that there’s a secret song list for the Rip Ride Rockit!

It is so secret in fact that it is even published on the Wikipedia site!  Grrrrrrrrr!

It’s a bit like looking all over for your pencil, for hours, only to find it sticking out over the top of your ear!

Anyway, here’ s the link to the Wikipedia article, which has a songlist and instructions for you to follow!
There’s something amazing for everyone on the list, even a really cool Barry White track that will really be something fun to blast around the track by!
My choice?  Vertigo of course by U2!

To access the list, simply get the code for a particular song from the wikipedia page, then press and hold the logo on the ride car screen for 10 seconds (release afterwards) and then enter the code on the keypad.
It’s as simple as that!  Listen to dozens more tracks that are much coler than the standard 30 tracks that are avaialble!

Legoland VIP tour for 500 bucks!!!

Wow, $500 for one day in Legoland Florida!
Yes, your saw correctly, that’s the cost for a VIP tour of one of my favourite parks in Orlando!

Based on the fact that this is a theme park for under 12s, I’m working hard here to work out what on god’s earth they are thinking can be worth that kind of money?
Sure those lines can get a bit busy at times, but out of season it isn’t bad at all!
For the money (Adults $495, Kids $445) you get:

  • Gift bag
  • Refreshements
  • Lunch
  • Front of line access to attractions
  • Back Stage access
  • Trip to Model shop
  • VIP Water Park access, cabana & souvenir towel (+$100 person)

A family of four could probably hop on a plane, book into an upscale Disney hotel and enjoy a mini weekend off season for that kind of money!
The rich have money, but they sure aren’t idiots!

We will never know if the program is a flop, Legoland won’t admit to that, but I tell you what, next time I’m there I’m going to keep an eagle eye out for groups heading to the front of the line with passes on a lanyard!

Will I give them ‘evils?’ no way!  If they have that kind of money, I’m going to keep smiling at them in the hope that they confuse me for a tour guide and give me a huge tip!

Welcome to the crazy world of up-selling!  You only need a few fools a day!