Latest Epcot Rumours – Brazil pavilion?

We just read a rumour, on Screamscape and TotalOrlando that Disney are considering a new Brasil pavilion somewhere in the World Showcase.

Can it be true?

Probably not to be honest, but of all the rumours that occasionally fly about, we can admit to liking it as one of those that should actually go ahead!

With a country as geographically and culturally exciting as Brazil, there’s a lot of scope for a fantastic ‘dark ride’ with a journey through the Amazon as an obvious option.
Epcot desperately needs some sort of family rides that are a little more engaging than the dull ride in Mexico!

So, there’s a need for something new at Epcot, and the park is very under invested in comparison to the other three parks which probably indicates that something will happen soon.  Whether a new ‘country’ is on the cards, remains to be seen!
Let’s hope so!

3 thoughts on “Latest Epcot Rumours – Brazil pavilion?

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