Universal Buy More Land, this Time under Wet n Wild’s feet!

Not many people realise how linked together the theme parks are in Orlando.

Sure there’s Disney, 4 theme parks, two water parks a vast array of hotels, mini golf courses and shops, but the less obvious arrangements include Universal Studios and Wet n Wild!

Owned now for some years by the cinematic and entertainment giant, Wet n Wild was surprisingly ‘on borrowed ground’ as it were.  This month, however, ownership changed for a very cool thirty and a bit million dollars!

No doubt the sluggish PR team at Universal will mention something, but for now, expect a bit of a lull as the machines gradually clear the ground for some exciting new developments over at the intersection of International Drive and the aptly named Universal Blvd.

It’s not at all clear what’s on the planning board for Wet n Wild, but this knackered old dear of a water park looks set to receive a big facelift real soon!


One thought on “Universal Buy More Land, this Time under Wet n Wild’s feet!

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