Top 10 Orlando Vacation Tips

Here are our top 10 Orlando Vacation Tips to the perfect vacation in Central Florida!

  1. Research and plan Each day of your vacation
  2. Remember that everything tends t cost 2x more!
  3. Even sun worshippers burn. Use factor 30 every hour or so to avoid burns
  4. Drink lots of water in the morning and throughout the day (each hour)
  5. Keep a safe distance on the roads to avoid accidents
  6. Avoid ticket upgrade options where possible
  7. Avoid fraudsters. There’s no such thing as a cheap Disney ticket!
  8. Don’t plan a park a day if you are there more than a few days!
  9. Listen to lots of advice and join forums, but then make your own plan and stick to it!
  10. Consider a rental home, much cheaper and more privacy for larger groups.
  11. Avoid the US school breaks for the best deals and quieter parks!

We can think of loads more great ideas, so expect some great expert advice from our Orlando specialists to make your next vacation as magical as possible!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Orlando Vacation Tips

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