Empire of the Penguin – Update

Looking at Screamscape’s very good site today, we noticed that the ride element of the Empire of the Penguin seems to suffering from a few days of ‘downtime’ right now.

While it is unclear as to why and for how long,  but such an early and lengthy interruption into the ride’s launch probably indicates that the situation is rather urgent.
With reports of ‘ride car testing’ it looks most likely that paths and motions of the omni-moving vehicles will be revised in some way.

Equally, temporary ‘training netting’ remains in postion in an attempt to persuade our funny little feathered friends  to stay on their own side of the barriers.
It may take some time for SeaWorld’s confidence to increase sufficiently to remove the netting.  The Park execs always have a ‘Shamu Sized Eye’ on any negative PR regarding the welfare of their animals!

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