Cinnamon Bun Cart at Downtown Disney!

So, Disney spend a few hundred million dollars on Downtown Disney’s transition into Disney Springs and people get a little ruffled.

But when a modest little Cinnamon Bun Cart shows up in the same district, the die hard fans go absolutely WILD with exctitement!

It looks like Disney can change a few things slightly, so long as it adds more to our experience!  If on the other hand, Disney dares to change something big (like Downtown Disney into Disney Springs), those Moms Panel claws dig in.
The more Disney change  the deeper the claws plunge into the soft boardroom exec flesh.

So why is a ‘bun cart’ hitting the Disney news so big?
The answer lies deep inside the western psyche; We love the new, so long as it isn’t ‘change’!  Disney however, armed with advanced marketing techniques and research know all too well that humans are at their most happy state when ‘something is going on’.    Rather  like a piece of research work from philosophy guru Henry Lansberger, Disney guests generally hate change, but those tweaks and improvements cause those cash registers to bulge whenever it is in play!

If we step back for a moment and think it all through; if Disney World was an unchanged museum piece from 1971, would we still love it as much as we do now?
Really?  No Splash Mountain?  No Big Thunder Mountain?
Sure the nostalgia would fire a few of us up, but we would not sacrifice the newer features that we’ve grown to love!

We hate change, but need change, and very quietly Disney move us all forward one step at a time.
But never forget that the most acceptable face of change is progress, like the Cinnamon Bun Cart at Downtown Disney…….

2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Bun Cart at Downtown Disney!

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