Star Wars Land to Join Cars Land Rumours!

Picking up on a few rumours today, it looks like both Screamscape and have unearthed rumours that Disney’s Hollywood Studios might be getting a double helping of upgrades over the coming years!

Not only might Cars Land be heading to the Backlot Tours area of Hollywood Studios, but the rumours strongly point to yet another ‘land’ making its way into Disney’s ‘least loved’ theme park.

Personally, I disagree with some thoughts that Hollywood Studios is a ‘poor’ park.
It has some amazing  headline attractions such as the Tower of Terror, Rock N Rollercoaster, Star Tours and Toy Story Midway Mania, but they also have a fair few attractions that must  surely be due a major rethink!

Our list of  attractions that should go includes;

Backlot Tour – Boring as hell  &  not politically correct for the increasing Japanese fans!
Great Movie Ride – Bad Ride, Bad acting, Bad name, totally beyond younger guests
Indiana Jones – Brilliant stunt show, but not conected to new younger guests
Voyage of the Little Mermaid Show –  Oh this needs a big refresh!  Dullest thing on earth!

Yep, by the time you’ve run the bulldozer over that little lot a few times, there’s plenty of room for some fantastic ‘family wide’ attractions that we can all enjoy without feeling like we need our afternoon nap and vitamin pills before the afternoon game of bingo in the care home for the elderly and bewildered!




4 thoughts on “Star Wars Land to Join Cars Land Rumours!

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