Reunion Resort Orlando – 3 Championship Courses!

When you are on vacation with the family, a strictly ‘no golf vacation at that’, you get driven out of your tiny mind whenever you stumble across even a well groomed pitch and putt or mini-golf course.
Pining for my clubs back home, thanks to some great days of fun with the kids in the theme parks, I managed to keep my sanity, but only just.

Everywhere I went, I could see golf, on billboards, sporting stores, even at the local Walmart.  There was no escape.
Surely this ‘clubless’ vacation could at least be endured enough to tide me over until we were back home at my very unforgiving home club!

We were expecting to tie up with friends that vacation, arranged of course by the ladies.  Men tend to retreat to the cave if not out chasing their boyish hobbies, such as G.O.L.F.
The news came by text, we were invited to our friends rental villa on Reunion Resort.
Well at least that would pass another evening without me sneaking a peak at the Golf Channel on our room’s cable TV!

Sometimes you know that you are wrong, and that realisation hit me like a championship ball from the medal tees, right between the eyes!  As we drew up to a gatehouse, I could see a beautiful rolling fairway to the left of the road, bunkers groomed and fairways lush.
I could see Sarah’s face, she knew the family vacation was going to be interrupted!

As we passed through the gate, complete with map, we drove the empty roads of Reunion Resort peering silently into the luxury homes on the fringes of each fairway.
We later found that this sprawling community, entirely surrounded by golfscaping, had 3 pro-designed tournament courses.

As we reached our friend’s home, Dean greeted us with pride as he opened the door to his monumentally luxurious vacation home.
It wasn’t long before he and I slid to the pool deck with beers for a ‘golf meeting’.
Dean was armed with facts galore about Reunion Resort.  He would wouldn’t he, he’d already been here a week, playing each day as his wife hit the tennis courts and spa!

Apparently in 2006/7/8 the LPGA played on the front half of the Legacy Course (Arnold Palmer) and the back 9 of the Independence Course (Tom Watson).
“Shut up Dean!” I thought to myself, I’m only interested in my game not some professional lady that could beat me by nearly 10 shots!

The girls joined us, with fruity cocktails and we spent the evening chatting as the sun set over the distant homes on the opposite side of the 14th fairway.  Then, like a miracle from the golden skies, Dean’s wife decided that the girls would head to the water park tomorrow, while we headed out for a round of golf!

I’ve never really cared much for Dean’s wife, until of course, right now!

See where we played at Reunion Resort’s golf site!


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