HHN23 First House announced!

Universal have announced the very first HHN23 house at midnight last night (26th June 2013).

The Cabin in the Woods is the first of probably 8 brand new ‘Scare Houses’ for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios!

As I write this, I’m both excited for this really cool holiday event, but, at the same time, a little edgy!  I always get a bit creeped out when I see HHN images like this guy with the chainsaw!  No matter how much I convince myself that they are just actors, our group always screams, cowers for cover or runs away when they appear!  The chainsaws are and they are all fired up, buzzing like crazy in your ears as they slash them around the walkways terrifying guests!
(Note: Chains are removed in the interests of guest safety!)

The atmosphere in the park is great, with lots of spooky stuff going on, creepy made up actors, a woman lying in a glass coffin full of snakes and rats (yes they are real and so is she!)
The main attraction of course are those half dozen or so ‘Houses’.
With HUGE line waits of around an hour a house, it pays to watch what you are drinking in order to avoid losing your place as you dart to the bathroom (better than letting it all loose in the house when you jump out of your skin!)

Our group of visitors is mixed, typical terrified housewives that love and hate to be scared, macho husbands that ‘won’t possibly be freaked’ and older teens that dare take on anything!
As we all gasp for air at the house exit, there’s one common way to describe each and every person without exception an that is;

Freaked Out!!

We’ve seen grown men crying, women getting nasty with an ‘evil santa’ for ruining her christmas dreams, but best of all, it’s great to see the sheer delight on the scare actor’s faces when they know they just got you really good!  The more you react, the better you’ve just made their day!

Some great HHN Websites

HHN Official Facebook page



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