Cabana Beach Hotel will do the Magic for Universal Studios!

With the monumentally successful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, settling down rather nicely, there’s no sign of let up for the Universal execs as they roll out their next assault on the theme park attendance figures!

With a brand new Harry potter adventure under way in Universal Studios, the relatively land locked Universal area is in desperate need of the accommodation revenue that Walt Disney as a person, viewed as the very reason for moving to Orlando!

Disneyland was too ‘locked in’ by non Disney developments and Universal are in the same situation now.  With public roads surrounding the theme parks, Universal’s success appears to come as a surprise to their original planning team, that didn’t quite pick the right location it seems!

The new Cabana Beach Hotel will go some way to accommodating the projected million extra guests that are likely to flock to their two park site each year, thanks to the new Diagon Alley area at Universal Studios.

With 1800 rooms that can sleep up to 6 guests, this new ‘retro style’ resort will offer plenty of space for eager Harry potter fans from around the globe!


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