SeaWorld Tickets get closer to $100 – Again!

SeaWorld Ticket Price Increases – Reactions from Tourists won’t be great!

Although reactions to the latest Disney increases varied slightly, the vast majority of social media comments were, as you’d expect with any price increase, not favourable.
While the economy profitability of the theme parks may be improving, many guests and potential guests appear disgruntled that they themselves have not seen increases in their personal fortunes to keep up.

The general tone of comments appear to be ‘They know we want to go, they know we will go, so they charge what they like’.

SeaWorld have raised their single day pass to $92 Adult, $84 Child as of 7th June 2013.

As totalorlando comment, there’s a really hefty challenge ahead for the financial execs and park guests alike as the dreaded $100 ticket price barrier looms nearer!
SeaWorld seem determined not to be too far behind Disney, thanks mainly to their new Antarctica attraction, that looks set to be a huge magnet for visitors.
In previous years, SeaWorld was often considered to be a ‘spare day park’ by some Orlando guests, but, faced with a ‘do or die’ challenge, they’ve been forced to respond to massive investments at both Universal and Disney alike.

The wealthier guests, will no doubt continue to go regardlessly, with hardly a consideration for the new prices, the main group, the regular working families across the world, will take it on the chin, write a few protest posts on Orlando Facebook Pages and still go, but sadly, there’s a huge group of die hard Orlando fans, that see their once in a lifetime dream slip continually further away as each park nudges their price up further.

Is this the end of the ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Orlando?

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