Springfield arrives at Universal Studios!

The Simpsons cult show makes Universal’s 3D ‘roller coaster’ ride one of the big highlights of Universal Studios in Orlando.  The ride was converted from a rather nauseating ‘Back to The Future’ simulator ride that just didn’t quite work for most guests.

But now, the Simpsons ride gets a big fat approval for at least another 10 years as the headline attraction in a brand new Springfield area in its midst.

With new rides, shops, restaurants and famous landmarks, Springfield is much more than just a ‘refresh’.  With mainly new buildings, the creators have done an amazing job by creating a feel good factor that probably could not have been achieved with any other TV show!  (Futurama area next?)

What’s new?

Kang & Kodus Twirl ‘n’ Hurl – Spin Ride
Krusty Burger – Counter Service
Frying Dutchman – Counter Service
Moes Tavern – Bar
Lard Lads Donuts – Donuts!
Duff Gardens
Lisa’s Tea House of Horror
Flaming Moe’s soft drinks with dry ice
Cletus’ Chicken Shack

With some great photo opportunities, you can expect to see some great facebook posts next to Jebediah Springfied’s statue!

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