Disney Ticket Price Increase – Needs a Spoonful of Sugar? – News June 2nd 2013

As Disney’s Mary Poppins song suggests; some medicine can be very hard to swallow and Disney’s latest price increase strategy appears to be very sour indeed for the Disney faithful!

As some early blogs and social media posts already indicate, there’s an unusually high reaction to Disney World’s decision to single out the Magic Kingdom for a particularly high increase of $5 from today (2nd of June 2013)

Costs seem to be increasing a little more than most guests would expect, and as one report suggests, not only well above inflation, but at a higher rate than historical levels.

While the social media platforms will today buzz with anger, Disney World won’t suffer at all.  With their huge upgraded attraction projects already open to the public, and many more heading Mickey’s way in the coming few years, you can be rest assured that Disney World guests will have plenty to celebrate as park attendance figures grow even further!

Those that are left struggling to save for a trip of a lifetime, face another hurdle to meet the growing amount needed to head to Orlando!