Top 10 Theme Park Shows

We’ve pulled together a wide ranging list of our favourite recommendations of the ‘must see’ shows inside Orlando’s theme parks and resorts.
Ranging from beautifully crafted musicals to death defying stunt shows, there really is a show for every taste!
Our top event is however a clear winner by miles; the Cirque du Soleil!

La Nouba

  1. Festival of the Lion King (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
  2. Finding Nemo the Musical (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
  3. Fantasmic (Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s)
  4. Wishes Nighttime Spectacular) (Magic Kingdom Fireworks)
  5. Magic Kingdom Parade (currently Celebrate a Dream Come True)*
  6. Illuminations (Epcot Light & Fireworks Show)
  7. Lights, Motors, Action (Hollywood Studios Motor Stunt Show)
  8. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (Hollywood Studios Stunt Show)
  9. Disaster! (Universal theatre show & Ride)
  10. Horror Makeup Show (Universal Show)
  11. Blue Horizons (SeaWorld Show)


* The Celebrate a Dream Come True parade is expected to be replaced during Spring 2014 by the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.  The entirely new vehicles promise to offer a much improved experience compared to the already popular current version of Disney’s main parade.

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Top 10 Theme Park Rides in Orlando

We aren’t saying that these are the best rides for everyone, but, for fairly adventurous visitors, the list will serve you well!
Would we leave any of these theme parks without riding this collection?  No way!
Are there any other great rides in each park?  Of course there are, but these are the rides that give us the most!

We’ve tried not to follow the crowd too much, fro example Sheikra is without doubt, the most fierce of the Busch Gardens rides at Tampa, and Montu is fantastic too, but Kumba is weird, it is spookily smooth yet twists and turns at a brain boggling rate that just can’t be ignored!

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)
  • Soarin (Epcot)
  • Test Track (Epcot)
  • Everest (Animal Kingdom)
  • Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)
  • Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster (Hollywood Studios)
  • Manta (SeaWorld)
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Islands of Adventure)
  • The Incredible Hulk Coaster (Islands of Adventure)
  • Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (Universal)
  • Revenge of the Mummy (Universal)
  • Kumba (Busch Gardens)

Please send us your replies and tell us what you’d prefer your top 10 to be!

Latest Epcot Rumours – Brazil pavilion?

We just read a rumour, on Screamscape and TotalOrlando that Disney are considering a new Brasil pavilion somewhere in the World Showcase.

Can it be true?

Probably not to be honest, but of all the rumours that occasionally fly about, we can admit to liking it as one of those that should actually go ahead!

With a country as geographically and culturally exciting as Brazil, there’s a lot of scope for a fantastic ‘dark ride’ with a journey through the Amazon as an obvious option.
Epcot desperately needs some sort of family rides that are a little more engaging than the dull ride in Mexico!

So, there’s a need for something new at Epcot, and the park is very under invested in comparison to the other three parks which probably indicates that something will happen soon.  Whether a new ‘country’ is on the cards, remains to be seen!
Let’s hope so!

Cinnamon Bun Cart at Downtown Disney!

So, Disney spend a few hundred million dollars on Downtown Disney’s transition into Disney Springs and people get a little ruffled.

But when a modest little Cinnamon Bun Cart shows up in the same district, the die hard fans go absolutely WILD with exctitement!

It looks like Disney can change a few things slightly, so long as it adds more to our experience!  If on the other hand, Disney dares to change something big (like Downtown Disney into Disney Springs), those Moms Panel claws dig in.
The more Disney change  the deeper the claws plunge into the soft boardroom exec flesh.

So why is a ‘bun cart’ hitting the Disney news so big?
The answer lies deep inside the western psyche; We love the new, so long as it isn’t ‘change’!  Disney however, armed with advanced marketing techniques and research know all too well that humans are at their most happy state when ‘something is going on’.    Rather  like a piece of research work from philosophy guru Henry Lansberger, Disney guests generally hate change, but those tweaks and improvements cause those cash registers to bulge whenever it is in play!

If we step back for a moment and think it all through; if Disney World was an unchanged museum piece from 1971, would we still love it as much as we do now?
Really?  No Splash Mountain?  No Big Thunder Mountain?
Sure the nostalgia would fire a few of us up, but we would not sacrifice the newer features that we’ve grown to love!

We hate change, but need change, and very quietly Disney move us all forward one step at a time.
But never forget that the most acceptable face of change is progress, like the Cinnamon Bun Cart at Downtown Disney…….

Top 10 Orlando Vacation Tips

Here are our top 10 Orlando Vacation Tips to the perfect vacation in Central Florida!

  1. Research and plan Each day of your vacation
  2. Remember that everything tends t cost 2x more!
  3. Even sun worshippers burn. Use factor 30 every hour or so to avoid burns
  4. Drink lots of water in the morning and throughout the day (each hour)
  5. Keep a safe distance on the roads to avoid accidents
  6. Avoid ticket upgrade options where possible
  7. Avoid fraudsters. There’s no such thing as a cheap Disney ticket!
  8. Don’t plan a park a day if you are there more than a few days!
  9. Listen to lots of advice and join forums, but then make your own plan and stick to it!
  10. Consider a rental home, much cheaper and more privacy for larger groups.
  11. Avoid the US school breaks for the best deals and quieter parks!

We can think of loads more great ideas, so expect some great expert advice from our Orlando specialists to make your next vacation as magical as possible!

Empire of the Penguin – Update

Looking at Screamscape’s very good site today, we noticed that the ride element of the Empire of the Penguin seems to suffering from a few days of ‘downtime’ right now.

While it is unclear as to why and for how long,  but such an early and lengthy interruption into the ride’s launch probably indicates that the situation is rather urgent.
With reports of ‘ride car testing’ it looks most likely that paths and motions of the omni-moving vehicles will be revised in some way.

Equally, temporary ‘training netting’ remains in postion in an attempt to persuade our funny little feathered friends  to stay on their own side of the barriers.
It may take some time for SeaWorld’s confidence to increase sufficiently to remove the netting.  The Park execs always have a ‘Shamu Sized Eye’ on any negative PR regarding the welfare of their animals!

Universal Buy More Land, this Time under Wet n Wild’s feet!

Not many people realise how linked together the theme parks are in Orlando.

Sure there’s Disney, 4 theme parks, two water parks a vast array of hotels, mini golf courses and shops, but the less obvious arrangements include Universal Studios and Wet n Wild!

Owned now for some years by the cinematic and entertainment giant, Wet n Wild was surprisingly ‘on borrowed ground’ as it were.  This month, however, ownership changed for a very cool thirty and a bit million dollars!

No doubt the sluggish PR team at Universal will mention something, but for now, expect a bit of a lull as the machines gradually clear the ground for some exciting new developments over at the intersection of International Drive and the aptly named Universal Blvd.

It’s not at all clear what’s on the planning board for Wet n Wild, but this knackered old dear of a water park looks set to receive a big facelift real soon!