Choosing the best Disney Ticket Options!

If you’ve ever stood at the Disney Ticket Booth, desperate to head into the theme parks, always bear one simple fact in mind. It could help save you a fortune!

Adults are at their most vulnerable when they are excited!

We aren’t in the ‘knock Disney’ brigade, far from it, we love the Magic like most people.
However, Disney must be very aware of the fact that parents want to make the Magical vacation as special as they possibly can, which in turn often triggers spontaneous purchases, way over the budget!

Bearing in mind that Disney Tickets are most likely going to be the single biggest ‘Orlando based’ purchase transaction during a vacation, guests are well advised to stay calm and purchase with care.

Do your research as much as possible, and whatever you do, treat those upgrades to the Magic Your Way base tickets with fearful caution! So easy is it to get carried away in the heat of the moment and max out your options, that you could practically end up doubling your ticket prices within the space of a few ‘yeses’. Seriously, that is how bad it can get for your wallet!

Some great Disney Ticket advice;

  1. Research the best prices
  2. Visit plenty of Disney Guides and Forums
  3. Read this honest article about Disney Tickets
  4. Never buy upgrades on the spur of the moment
  5. Ask for advice from reputable Disney Ticket approved vendors
  6. Take your time! Don’t rush into buying anywhere!
  7. Try to avoid buying tickets on the morning of you first park visit
  8. Don’t expect discounts over a few %, they don’t exist!!!!

Our final point is perhaps the most important for you to grasp.
There’s loads of ticket vendors out there, but we’ve not seen a single source of genuine tickets that offer much more than a couple of percent. If you do find something offering 25%, please, take our word for it, it has to be a fraud or a time share trap.

Can you take our word for it?
If you find a genuine retailer that offers such reductions, please let us know and we will publish their name here!

That’s how confident we are that they don’t exist!