Welcome to our brand new Orlando Attraction Ticket Blog!

Each month we will keep you posted with the latest information and advice about those Orlando attraction tickets!

As one of the most expensive parts of a vacation in Orlando, visitors work hard to seek out the very latest information about the best deals.
What shocks most people is that they quickly realize that those theme park tickets quickly add up to several hundred dollars per person, just for a 10 day stay.

A family of four can easily expect to run up $3000 or more if they want to spend a reasonable amount of time in the Disney and Universal theme parks.
More disturbingly, guests also soon realise that discounts are pretty much impossible to find over the ‘few percent’ barrier.

We’ve got a few words of caution to help you on your way!

  1. Don’t expect big discounts, they simply don’t exist.
  2. If you do find big discounts, they are certainly a concern!
  3. Don’t buy from unofficially approved ticket vendors
  4. Do seek advice from the better ticket vendors
  5. Never buy second hand tickets (they are not transferable!)
  6. Never try to share tickets – the parks use finger print checking!

Always allow yourself a good week of research before buying your family a load of Disney tickets!  (An old, wise boss of mine once said;  “Always allow one full day of work to every $1000 you spend!”)
Not bad advice when it comes to finding the best tickets!

Check out the Orlando Guides and Orlando Forums for the best Disney Ticket Advice and always use several sources to ensure that you’ve not read an out of date post or article!

Our final words of advice;  Theme Parks are expensive to build and operate, so if you find an amazing deal, be suspicious straight away!  It’s either going to be a time-share trap, or, worse still a fraudulent gang that is selling off part used tickets.
Those part used tickets will turn your dream vacation into a nightmare if you get turned away from the turnstiles, simply because your fingerprints didn’t match the original user!

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